how to see a module in a separate file (using ifc) 
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 how to see a module in a separate file (using ifc)

I just learned about a module in fortran90(ifc).
But how can I see a module if it's in a different file?

1. Do I need to type "include 'modulefile'" somewhere in my main code?

2. Or do I have to compile with the module like "ifc -c modulefile
main.f90" ?

3. Or do I have to compile them separately and link them together?

How many of these work?  Is there another solution?

Thank you.
Sang-Ho Yun

Tue, 08 Mar 2005 11:29:08 GMT  
 how to see a module in a separate file (using ifc)
- In the code, you need a

        USE modulename

  as the first statement (even before an IMPLICIT NONE, IIRC).

- You need to tell the compiler where the module file is. This is typically
  a file called modulename.mod or somesuch that is created when the module
  itself is compiled. Most compilers will search the current directory, and
  have a switch to specify other places (directories) to search for module
  files if required. ifc uses a radically different scheme; see the  
documentation and archived posts to this newsgroup for how it works.


Tue, 08 Mar 2005 16:27:14 GMT  
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