Need rcommendation for Visual Fortran tutorial/book? 
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 Need rcommendation for Visual Fortran tutorial/book?

> Please recomend some online tutorial or books on Compaq Visual
> fortran/Fortran 95

I suggest you start with the printed "Getting Started" book which comes with
Visual Fortran and work through some of the examples.  There you'll also see
how to run the "Tutorial Overview" which leads you through using various
aspects of the product.  The Visual Fortran Programmer's Guide is installed
to your hard disk - Getting Started explains how to read it.  You can also
buy a printed version.

bookstore at, where you can see some of the books we have found
particularly helpful on a number of subjects, including the Fortran
language.  You can also buy the printed Programmer's Guide here, or through
your favorite book seller.

If you have questions about using Visual Fortran, feel free to ask on our
user forum at http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;And lastly, technical


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Compaq Computer Corporation, Nashua NH

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 Need rcommendation for Visual Fortran tutorial/book?
Please recomend some online tutorial or books on Compaq Visual
Fortran/Fortran 95


Fri, 16 May 2003 02:37:26 GMT  
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