Updated compiler comparisons and free Threading seminar 
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 Updated compiler comparisons and free Threading seminar

We recently updated the compiler comparison pages at www.polyhedron.com
with results from new versions of compilers from Absoft, Intel,
Pathscale, PGI and Silverfrost.

You'll also find a link there for a free seminar on "Efficient
application Threading with Intel tools including Intel's new Parallel
Studio Suite" at University College London on April 2nd.  We are
organizing the seminar in conjunction with Intel and UCL.

Everyone registered in advance and there on the day will be entered in a
draw for a free laptop, and as things stand, the odds are pretty good!
John Appleyard
Polyhedron Software
Programs for Programmers - QA, Compilers, Graphics, Consultancy
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Sun, 11 Sep 2011 19:49:03 GMT  
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