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 Fortran 90 information (repeat)


fortran 90 was adopted as an International Standard by ISO in July, 1991.
It was published by them as ISO/IEC 1539:1991, and is obtainable directly
for 185 Swiss francs from

          ISO Publications
          1 rue de Varembe
          Case postale 56
          CH-1211 Geneva 20
          Fax. + 41 22 734 10 79

It may also be obtained from national member bodies such as

          1430 Broadway
          New York, N.Y. 10018

where it is also known as ANSI X3.198-1992,
or in electonic postscript or ASCII form from Unicomp


IBM has been shipping its compiler for the RS/6000, xlf Version 3,
as of 31 December, 1993.

DEC is shipping a compiler, including HPF, from 27 June, 1994.
It is for OSF/1 AXP, with OpenVMS AXP and probably
Windows NT AXP following. It has no plans for VAX systems.

A compiler is available for almost all unix platforms, for VMS and for
PCs from

         NAG Inc.
         1400 Opus Place
         Suite 200
         Downers Grove, IL 60515-5702
         Tel (708) 971 2345
         Fax (708) 971 2346

Fully optimizing compilers for Sun and RS/6000 are available from

Fujitsu is marketing a Fortran 90 Workbench.

Cray Research has announced a fully optimizing compiler
that will also be marketed by Visual Numerics for PCs and workstations.

Sun is working on its own compiler but with no release date.

and Microsoft is also working on a compiler, release date unknown.

Both NAG and IMSL (Visual Numerics) offer f90 versions of their
libraries that take full advantage of its library building capabilities.


The book "Fortran 90 Explained" by Metcalf and Reid (Oxford U. Press,
1990, ISBN 0-19-853772-7, about $30) is a complete, audited description
of the language in a more readable style than the standard itself.
It is kept up-to-date on each printing with X3J3's latest
interpretations. It is also available in French and Japanese,
and shortly Russian.

Other books have been published in English, French and German:


  Fortran 90 - Counihan, Pitman, 1991, ISBN 0-273-03073-6.

  Fortran 90 Explained - Metcalf and Reid, Oxford University Press, 1990,
  ISBN 0-19-853772-7.

  Fortran 90 for Scientists and Engineers - Brian D. Hahn, Edward
  Arnold, 1994, ISBN 0-340-60034-9.

  Fortran 90 Handbook - Adams, Brainerd, Martin, Smith and Wagener,
  McGraw-Hill, 1992, ISBN 0-07-000406-4.

  Migrating to Fortran 90 - James F. Kerrigan, O'Reilly Associates,
  1993, ISBN 1-56592-049-X.

  Programmer's Guide to Fortran 90, second edition - Brainerd,
  Goldberg and Adams, Unicomp, 1994, (also in Dutch and German

  Programming in Fortran 90 - Morgan and Schonfelder, Alfred Waller,
  Oxfordshire, 1993, ISBN 1-872474-06-3.

  Programming in Fortran 90 - I.M. Smith, Wiley, 0471-94185-9


  Fortran 90; Approche par la Pratique - Lignelet, Se'rie Informatique
  E'ditions, Menton, 1993, ISBN 2-090615-01-4.

  Fortran 90.  Les concepts fondamentaux, the translation of "Fortran 90
  Explained" M. Metcalf, J. Reid, translated by M. Caillet and B. Pichon,
  AFNOR, Paris, ISBN 2-12-486513-7.

  Fortran 90; Initiation a` partir du Fortran 77 - Aberti, Se'rie
  Informatique E'ditions, Menton, 1992, ISBN 2-090615-00-6.


  Fortran 90 - B.Wojcieszynski and R.Wojcieszynski,
  Addison-Wesley, 1993, ISBN 3-89319-600-5.

  Fortran 90: eine informelle Einf"hrung - Heisterkamp,
  BI-Wissenschaftsverlag, 1991, ISBN 3-411153-21-0.

  Fortran 90 Referenz-Handbuch: der neue Fortran-Standard - Gehrke,
  Carl Hansen Verlag, 1991, ISBN 3-446163-21-2.

  Programmierung in Fortran 90 - Schobert, Oldenburg, 1991.

  Software Entwicklung in Fortran 90 - U"berhuber and Meditz, Springer
  Verlag, 1993, ISBN 0-387-82450-2.


  Fortran 90 Explained - Metcalf and Reid, translated by H. Nisimura,
  H. Wada, K. Nishimura, M. Takata, Kyoritsu Shuppan Co., Ltd., 1993.


Courses on Fortran 90 are available, for instance from Walt Brainerd,

PSR and APR (see above) also provide courses.

An e-mail copy of a set of slides for a six-hour course
is available from me for potential instructors seeking inspiration.
The same material is installed as a complete Tutorial under World
Wide Web (WWW) with the URL


or via anonymous ftp from in the directory cnl.200 and
as the file

Also, for those in Europe, there are now companies whose mission it
is to offer courses and conversion consultancy on Fortran 90. They

      IT Independent Training Limited
      113 Liscombe, Birch Hill,
      Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 7DE

      tel. +44 344 860172
      fax. +44 344 867992

      attn. Mr. E. Plestan,
      1 rue James Joule, F-78286 Guyancourt Cedex, France

      tel: +33 1 30 12 27 00
      fax: +33 1 30 12 27 27

      tel. +33 92 94 23 50
      fax. +33 93 65 33 42

      Prinz-Otto Str. 7c
      D-85521 Ottobrunn

      tel: +49-89-6083758
      fax: +49-89-6083758

Compiled by:

               Mike Metcalf

Version of 2 May, 1994.

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