Serious librarian problem in MS Fortran Powerstation v1.0/1.0a 
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 Serious librarian problem in MS Fortran Powerstation v1.0/1.0a

This is to make people aware of a serious problem with the MS fortran
Powerstation (both v1.0/1.0a) librarian. Also solutions or patches are
welcome... (Are you listening Microsoft?)

BACKGROUND: The librarian is simply
        LINK32 -LIB
PROBLEM:    You cannot do "replace" object module with the librarian; i.e.
            the following was the way to do it in MS Fortran v5.1:
                LIB mylib.lib -+myobject.obj
            Now, it gets worse. (see below).

EXAMPLE:Say TEST.LIB is the library name and ADD.OBJ is the object file we
         want to add. The manual says that:
        C:\> link32 -lib test.lib add.obj
        should do the trick for insertion. Now if you issue this command
        and ADD.OBJ is already inside the TEST.LIB then you get the message
        "Replaced add.obj" from the LINK32 program. You think it's all ok
        but once you link to create a test program you find out that the
        ADD.OBJ was _NEVER_ replaced!!! I think this is a serious problem!

WORKAROUND: the workaround that I am using for the moment is to do:
        C:\> link32 -lib test.lib /remove:add.obj
        C:\> link32 -lib test.lib add.obj
        Note that you _CANNOT_ combine the above two in one statement:
        C:\> link32 -lib test.lib /remove:add.obj add.obj
        Also note that the workaround fails inside a MAKEFILE iff the add.obj
        was not present in the library; i.e. if ADD.OBJ is actually inserted
        for the first time now! But this really makes the MAKEFILE
        short of pain...

In short:
+ makefiles dealing with libraries are helpless; you cannot easily devise
  rules that can figure out whether replacement or insertion will take place.
+ LINK32 -LIB gives incorrect message "Replacing" when it does not do that
  at all.
+ For make purposes we DO NEED a REPLACE feature in the LIBRARIAN. This
  is A MUST.

In all fairness, I do understand that the FORTRAN group has taken MS-FORTRAN
from the ugly v3.x that I was using to a really powerful and flexible
Powerstation compiler, but I believe that the Powerstation library utility
badly needs several enhancements.

  I would really appreciate your help/input on that. My 90-days free tech
support over the phone has expired long time ago. I tried to communicate
with a really nice guy from MS that answered some of my questions a year
ago but he is no longer in the Fortran group. He did however remember that

Petros Dafniotis
Graduate Student
ChE Dept, UW-Madison

Fri, 22 Aug 1997 01:01:46 GMT  
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