Hewlett-Packard announces Fortran 90 
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 Hewlett-Packard announces Fortran 90

               HP RELEASES HP fortran 90 COMPILER

     Produces Optimized Code for Superior System Performance

     PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 11, 1996 -- Continuing its
commitment to provide reliable, industry-standard-compliant
software-development tools, Hewlett-Packard Company today
announced the release of an advanced compiler -- HP Fortran 90.
This compiler has been designed to produce highly optimized code
that will run across the entire spectrum of HP's high-performance
computing portfolio -- from HP workstations to HP 9000 and
Exemplar servers.  

     Designed to execute on HP-UX 10.20, 10.10, 10.01 and SPP-UX,
HP Fortran 90 unlocks the potential of HP's PA-RISC architecture.
In addition, it has been optimized for PA-8000-based systems to
produce superior run-time performance.  Fortran code is suited to
engineering applications involving compute-intensive numeric and
scientific calculations.  The release of HP Fortran 90 is
expected to appeal to developers working in mechanical CAD/CAE in
the automotive, aerospace, defense and utilities industries, as
well as at universities and research institutes.

     "HP Fortran 90 offers significant new features, not the
least of which is scalability," said Dr. S. Hoesl, department
manager of data processing for Siemens KWU BT.  "Now we can both
develop and deploy code on HP workstations and servers from the
low to the high end.  We gain an excellent return on the time
we've invested in developing our code."

     To ensure that HP Fortran 90 meets the highest
product-quality standards, including robust, enterprise-level
operation, more than 30,000 tests, sample programs and
applications were run daily during beta testing.

     "Today's announcement is a clear response to our customers'
requirements for flexibility in code development and deployment,"
said Bill Russell, general manager of HP's Technical Business
Computing Business Unit.  "We're also ensuring investment
protection for customers choosing upgrades to PA-8000 systems.

HP Fortran 77-compatible, Standards-compliant

     The HP Fortran 90 compiler eases migration from ANSI Fortran
77 code.  Since both compilers share the same I/O libraries,
developers can "mix and match" HP Fortran 90 binary code with
existing HP Fortran 77 code.  This allows developers to reuse
portions of their HP Fortran 77 applications while leveraging new
HP Fortran 90 functionality.

     HP Fortran 90 supports the full ANSI and ISO standard for
easy portability in compiling applications written in Fortran 90.
HP has incorporated recent interpretations of the Fortran 90
standard and includes popular extensions, such as Cray pointers,
INTEGER*8, REAL*16, and VAX/VMS structures.

Debugging Facility and HP PAK Peformance Analyzer

     To deliver maximum efficiency for programmers, HP has
significantly enhanced its HP DDE de{*filter*}.  This powerful,
graphical-task-oriented tool provides full debugging
functionality for HP Fortran 90 -- including the powerful ability
to debug optimized code.  Optimized code can be mapped to source
code so that variables can be viewed easily.  Developers can set
breakpoints on lines of code and single-step through lines of
code based either on source-statement ordering or on the
execution order of semantically significant operations.  On HP
Exemplar systems, HP Fortran 90 supports the popular HP CXdb

     When detailed performance tuning is required, HP PAK
performance analyzer graphically provides high-level or detailed
metrics, such as system and user CPU time, page faults, swaps,
messages and signals in clear and user-friendly graphical
formats.  Application developers may quickly review application
behavior, identify performance bottlenecks and implement
enhancements.  On HP Exemplar systems, HP Fortran 90 supports
CXpa for enhanced tuning of parallel computing.

Licensing, U.S. Pricing and Availability

     Included with HP Fortran 90 is an ANSI/ISO-compliant Fortran
90 compiler, as well as de{*filter*}, performance analyzer,
incremental linker and programming utilities.  Both workstation
and HP 9000 server user licenses are priced at $1,495 per user
license.  The HP exemplar server user license is priced at

     Hewlett-Packard Company is a leading global manufacturer of
computing, communications and measurement products and services
recognized for excellence in quality and support.  HP has 110,800
employees and had revenue of $31.5 billion in its 1995 fiscal year.

     Additional information on HP's technical workstation and
server solutions is available on the Internet through the World
Wide Web at http://www.*-*-*.com/

     Additional information on HP Fortran 90 is available at

                              # # #

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 Hewlett-Packard announces Fortran 90



>      Produces Optimized Code for Superior System Performance

> [chunk deleted ]

> In addition, it has been optimized for PA-8000-based systems to
> produce superior run-time performance.  

Great!, let's see if this new compiler makes this processor
perform as it should.

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