64K limit for data segments 
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 64K limit for data segments

Using MSfortran5.0 the default data segment is limited in size to 64K. One way
of getting round this is to use the $large metacommand which then assigns the
'huge' attribute to program variables. My problem is this: I have a program
which compiles and runs when bits of it are held in separate files, separately
compiled and then linked (no overlays). However, when I put all the source
code into one file I get compiler error messages of the kind (to paraphrase)
'passing huge array to FAR attribute'.
    If I take out the $large metacommand I am told that the data exceeds the
64K allowed for the default data segment.
    How can I get the compiler to work on the whole source code?

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Tue, 29 Oct 1996 06:35:17 GMT  
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