Sun F77 compiler with Vax binary file Query 
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 Sun F77 compiler with Vax binary file Query

We have some programs written in fortran on a Vax which we have had to move to
a Sun Sparc running SunOS 4.1.3 . We have recompiled the programs but now find
that they dont work as expected. I suspect it is because they are working on
files which have been transferred from the Vax.
In the pollowing excerpt i am running one of the programs on the sun which
readds from a binary file which has been transferred from a Vax. It produces
the following error.

Script started on Tue Jul 27 11:14:35 1993

tigermoth 1> ppconv
 Note: the following IEEE floating-point arithmetic exceptions
 occurred and were never cleared; see ieee_flags(3M):
 Inexact;  Underflow;
 Sun's implementation of IEEE arithmetic is discussed in
 the Numerical Computation Guide.

script done on Tue Jul 27 11:15:26 1993


I have also had trouble with another program transferred to the Sun which reads from  an ascii file which
was created on the Vax by a F77 program. It gives the following error.

Script started on Tue Jul 27 11:26:09 1993

tigermoth 1> offconv
dofio: [-1] end of file
logical unit 2, named 'R15451.OFF'
lately: reading sequential formatted external IO
part of last data: -23     -23^?|
Abort (core dumped)

script done on Tue Jul 27 11:26:19 1993
It looks as if there are extra characters after the last -23 in the above

Can anyone suggest what is going wrong in these two programs and how to fix
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Paul Porcelli
Technical Programmer
Dept of Aerospace Engineering
University of Glasgow

Tel: 041-339-8855 (x4345)

Sat, 13 Jan 1996 18:36:16 GMT  
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