sizing graphic window in MPS 4.0 
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 sizing graphic window in MPS 4.0

Using MS Power Station v 4, I need to control the size of a graphics
window I open.  I don't want text or graphics to extend beyond the area
shown on the screen (viewport?) so the user won't have to use the mouse
or arrow keys to scroll down to read text off the screen.

I am using this code now to open the window:
wflag=setwindow(.true.,0., 0. 600., 440.)

with appropriate type and variable declaration statements.

Another question, will the moveto(x,y,xy) or moveto_w(wx,wy,wxy)
commands work to place text in a window like this?  moveto doesn't
seem to be doing anything for me.


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Fri, 02 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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