Debugging Information Format specification available for review 
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 Debugging Information Format specification available for review

The UNIX International Programming Languages Special Interest Group has
completed a draft of the DWARF de{*filter*} format specification, and is
making it available for industry review.  As with all UNIX International
developed specifications, this document is available for distribution
without restriction under an X Window System-like copyright.

Attached below is the Foreword and Introduction from the document.  If you


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       DWARF Debugging Information Format


       This  document  specifies  a  new  generation  of   symbolic
       debugging  information  that  has been developed by the UNIX
       International Programming Languages Special  Interest  Group
       (SIG),  and  is  being  circulated  for industry review.  We
       started  from  the  document  DWARF  Debugging   Information
       Requirements  - Issue 2, dated April 4, 1990, made available
       by AT&T to its source licensees,  and  added  a  significant
       amount  of material to clarify what was originally specified
       and to support additional language constructs that were  not
       in the original specification.

       At  this  point,  the  SIG  believes  that   this   document
       sufficiently  supports  the  debugging  needs of C, C++, and
       fortran 77, and we have released it for public comment.   We
       will  accept  comments on this document until June 15, 1992.
       Comments may be directed via email to me or  posted  to  the

       email, paper mail, FAX, or machine readable  copy  on  UNIX,
       MS-DOS, or Macintosh compatible media can be sent to me, and
       I will post it for you.

                           Tony D'Annunzio
                           Vice President of Technology
                           UNIX International
                           Waterview Corporate Center
                           20 Waterview Boulevard
                           Parsippany, NJ 07054
                           Phone:    +1 201-263-8400
                           Fax: +1 201-263-8401

       Revision: 1.0.0            Page 1           January 20, 1992
                          Industry Review Draft

                                          Programming Languages SIG


       This  document  defines  the  format  for  the   information
       generated  by compilers, assemblers and linkage editors that
       is necessary  for  symbolic,  source-level  debugging.   The
       debugging  information  format  does not favor the design of
       any compiler or de{*filter*}.  Instead, the goal is to create  a
       method  of  communicating  an accurate picture of the source
       program to any de{*filter*}  in  a  form  that  is  economically
       extensible  to  different languages while retaining backward

       The design of the  debugging  information  format  is  open-
       ended,   allowing   for   the   addition  of  new  debugging
       information  to  accommodate  new  languages   or   de{*filter*}
       capabilities while remaining compatible with other languages
       or different de{*filter*}s.

       1.1  Purpose and Scope

       The debugging information format described in this  document
       is  designed  to  meet  the symbolic, source-level debugging
       needs  of  different  languages  in  a  unified  fashion  by
       requiring   language   independent   debugging   information
       whenever possible.  Individual needs, such  as  C++  virtual
       functions  or  Fortran  common  blocks  are  accommodated by
       creating attributes that are used only for those languages.

       This document describes DWARF Version 1, which  is  designed
       to  be binary compatible with the debugging information that
       is described in the  document  DWARF  Debugging  Information
       Requirements  -  Issue  2,  dated  April  4,  1990, and made
       available by AT&T to its  source  licencess.  The  April  4,
       1990,  document  describes the debugging information that is
       generated by the UNIX System V  Release  4  C  compiler  and
       consumed by the System V Release 4 de{*filter*}, sdb.

       By ``binary compatibility'' we mean that

         1.  All  features  intended  to  support  C  and   Fortran
             described  in the April 4, 1990, document are included
             in this document, and

         2.  DWARF produced according to  this  (DWARF  Version  1)
             specification  should  be  considered well formed by a
             System V Release 4 compatible DWARF consumer,  but may
             contain  information that such a consumer is unable to
             interpret.  Consumers  are  expected  to  ignore  such

       Revision: 1.0.0            Page 3           January 20, 1992
                          Industry Review Draft

       DWARF Debugging Information Format

       The intended audience for this document are  the  developers
       of  both  producers  and consumers of debugging information,
       typically language compilers, de{*filter*}s and other tools that
       need  to interpret a binary program in terms of its original

       This version of the document is a draft for industry review.
       Vendors  developing  products  based on this draft should be
       aware that the review process may produce changes.

       1.2  Overview

       There are two major pieces to the description of  the  DWARF
       format  in  this document.  The first piece is the debugging
       information, itself.   Section  two  describes  the  overall
       structure  of that information.  Section three describes the
       specific  debugging  information  entries   and   how   they
       communicate  the  necessary  information  about  the  source
       program to a de{*filter*}.

       The second piece of the DWARF description  is  the  way  the
       debugging  information  is  encoded  and  represented  in an
       object file.  The DWARF encoding  is  presented  in  section

       Section five  describes  compatibility  constraints  on  the
       format.     Finally,    section   six   describes   external

       In the following sections, text  in  normal  font  describes
       required  aspects  of  the DWARF format.  Text in italics is
       explanatory or supplementary material, and not part  of  the
       format definition itself.

       1.3  Vendor Extensibility

       This document describes only the features of DWARF that have
       been  implemented  and tested by at least one vendor (with a
       very few exceptions).  It does  not  attempt  to  cover  all
       languages  or even to cover all of the interesting debugging
       information needs for its primary target languages (C,  C++,
       Fortran).   Therefore the document provides vendors a way to
       define their own  debugging  information  tags,  attributes,
       fundamental   types,  type  modifiers,  location  atoms  and
       language names, by reserving a portion of the name space and
       valid  values  for  these  constructs  for  vendor  specific
       additions.  Future versions of this document  will  not  use
       names or values reserved for vendor specific additions.  All
       names and values not reserved for vendor additions, however,
       are  reserved  for  future  versions  of this document.  See
       section 4 for details.

       Revision: 1.0.0            Page 4           January 20, 1992
                          Industry Review Draft

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