Wanted: Rayn-McFarland F77 Compiler for MS-DOS 
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 Wanted: Rayn-McFarland F77 Compiler for MS-DOS

        If anyone has any information about this product, its supplier
(even outside Australia) cost, libraries, rumours etc could they please

(posted on behalf of the above)

Postal: George Michaelson, Prentice Computer Centre
          Queensland University, St Lucia, QLD 4067

Thu, 17 Sep 1992 00:00:00 GMT  
 Wanted: Rayn-McFarland F77 Compiler for MS-DOS
From their flyer on the above mentioned product:

Ryan-McFarland Corporation
609 Deep Valley Drive
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

Telephone: (213)541-4828
TWX:       910-344-6353
Telex:     294253

GSA certified as meeting highest level ANSI-77 fortran standard.

Available for DOS, UNIX, XENIX based 68000 & 80286/80386 systems.

Best of luck, AJ Annala, USC Neuroscience Program

Thu, 17 Sep 1992 13:05:00 GMT  
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