Calling MS Excel Visual Basic functions from Fortran DLL 
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 Calling MS Excel Visual Basic functions from Fortran DLL

I have made a fortran DLL with MS PowerStation 4.0 prof.edition. The DLL
includes several functions which are called from Excel 7.0. Calculation
works fine, but I have problem with error messages.

With Win 3.11 and MS Fortran 5.1 DLL, I handled error messages by calling
QuickWin function MESSAGEBOXQQ. For some reason, this method is not
working anymore with Win NT and Excel 7.

Is it possible to call MS Excel Visual Basic function MSGBOX from a DLL?
And if it is, how should I do it? Or are there some better methods for
displaying error messages from a DLL?

Miikka Kirjavainen

Sun, 17 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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