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 free Fortran Coverage Analysis Tool

For those of us who are developing software using fortran: we would
like to announce the release of FCAT --- a free coverage analysis tool
for Fortran codes.

FCAT is able to

-) find out "cold-spot" in Fortran codes (the parts of the codes that
   are never executed), and to flag these parts line-by-line.

-) find out "hot-spot" in Fortran codes (the parts of the codes that
   are most frequently executed), and to give a line by line count.

It have been tested on about 300K lines of F77/F90/F95 codes. It is
useful for designing test cases to thoroughly test your code, as well
as in helping you to understand other people's codes. Some supports
for parallel application are also available.

The software is free for academic and research purposes, and can be
downloaded from



Best regards

Dr. Yifan Hu                            
CLRC Daresbury Laboratory              
Warrington WA4 4AD                      
United Kingdom                          

Tue, 16 Sep 2003 23:44:30 GMT  
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