Allocatable arrays not permitted in F90 structures! 
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 Allocatable arrays not permitted in F90 structures!


> >In the Sun compiler, POINTER arrays are allowed in structures but
> >ALLOCATABLE arrays are not. For example, the compilation of

> >Is this a  standard F90 behaviour?

> Yes, this is standard F90 behavior. Does
> anyone recall if it is fixed in F95? I
> think it is but can't recall.

It was originally scheduled as one of the few new things for f95,
but all the details weren't worked out in time.  It is definitely
on for f2k.  In fact, it is in a "type 2 technical report"  (ISO-speak
for what I might call a beta version of a standard) that is due out
"soon."  The idea behind the TR is that f95 compilers might add on this
feature without waiting for the rest of f2k, with official assurance
that the feature will be added in f2k with no incompatable changes
(unless the "beta" reveals significant problems).

So its not in f95 per se, but there are at least some grounds for
hoping that some f95 compilers might include it.  How much this
actually happens remains to be seen.

Richard Maine

Mon, 21 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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