Fractals,spline curves,bezier curves 
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 Fractals,spline curves,bezier curves

I am doing a computer graphics course here , and am interested in
any fortran 77 programmes which do Fractals , Spline curves and Bezier
curves (Preferably using the GKS library).If anyone's got any fortran
programmes that do these , I'd be most grateful if they could
be e-mailed over here to me.

While I'm here I might as well say what I think of Fortran.I programme
C and Pascal also , and despite the fact that these two langauges
have nice features such as While's and until's , I have to say
that for a programme which doesnt reply on speed and need to interact
with the operating system or memory , then fortran is (For me) much
faster to code.I find a Fortran programme easier to read than
Pascal or C.You aren't just presented with a screenfull of symbols
,brackets and useless commands like 'do' and 'begin'.

I'm new to this group , and have read small snippets about
the new Fortran 90 ... Does anyone have any more info about this ?

Am I the only person who likes Fortran ?

Martin-Martin Nike ,Coventry Polytechnic,England

  ##I am the one and only LIVING ARMCHAIR##

Sun, 16 May 1993 07:18:27 GMT  
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