Heeeelp! Cobol, windows 95 and Novell 
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 Heeeelp! Cobol, windows 95 and Novell


> what a {*filter*} combination eh?

> I use (the ancient) IBM cobol I  and  multi user btrieve for the files.

> All this  under Novel Netware 3.12 and (unfortunately) the 2 workstations
>  have windows 95B as o/s.

> the problem: when the 2 users  try to run the same programme at the same time
>  they get a lovely "access denied" message (and this has nothing to do with
> btrieve, I have checked).

> The same programmes can be accessed with no problem from terminals
>  with dos as the main o/s.

> Any idea what's up? It's the {*filter*}y windows isinit?

> I would appreciate any help

Get the Novell Client 32 drivers from Novells website.  The Microsoft
Novell drivers "SEEM" designed to frustrate.

Go to your control panel, system settings.  Choose the Performance
tab, then the File System button. Next, click the troubleshooting tab.
 Make sure the checkbox next to "Disable new file sharing and locking
semantics".  Apply, and restart the workstations.  

Once you do all this, things will behave much better.

Sat, 08 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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