COBOL calling C calling COBOL 
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 COBOL calling C calling COBOL

I am not real familiar with MF Cobol and I have a customer who is trying
to port MVS code to UNIX using MF Cobol for UNIX.  Heres the dilema:  He
wants to call a C function from his cobol code.  Usually no problem for
me, but this function requires the address of two user defined functions
for I/O.  So, he would have to write 1 cobol routine that accepts 2
parameters and returns and integer value, the other cobol routine would
only have to accept 2 parameters and send the changes back through those
parameters.  Both of these "functions" would be called by the C
function.  Can this be done from MF cobol and if so can anyone point me
to some example code?

I appreciate any help!!!!

Mark Erickson

Tue, 27 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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