Calling C++ DLL from MF COBOL 
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 Calling C++ DLL from MF COBOL


I'm having trouble calling a DLL written in C++ (Windows NT 4.0)
from a simple COBOL program.

I can call DLLs written in C, but not C++, even though the only
functions I am exporting from the DLL are C functions.

And yes, I am declaring the functions as extern "C" in my
header, and have verified that the exported names of the
DLL are *not* being mangled.

All I have to do is compile in C++ mode (i.e. rename file to
name.cpp instead of name.c) and it doesn't work.

Any ideas?  I'm a bit confused, as the exports as shown by
dumpbin are identical.  Using Visual C++ 5.0.



Sat, 08 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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