Want to do CICS/COBOL programming on PC 
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 Want to do CICS/COBOL programming on PC

I would like to write CICS or cobol programs on a Windows 95 stand alone PC. I
know that there are a lot of programs available to do this, but just exactly
what do I need? I know IBM makes a product called CICS for Windows NT and
Microforcus has a COBOL compiler for Win95, but these are in excess of $600
which is too expensive for me. Is there any place or way I can get what I need
cheaply? I have an old copy of MS COBOL (version 2.0), SPF/PC (ver unknown at
this time), and I think an old version of Microfocus COBOL. I'd like to write
these CICS/COBOL programs for the Win95/NT GUI if possible, but if I can't
then that's fine too. I've thought about getting into Visual Basic, or Foxpro,
but I already know COBOL and CICS (I haven't programmed in either in 4 years)
and I'd hate to loose all my skills in these two languages. I also know that
some of the programs run in OS/2 so should I change my operating ssystem to
OS/2, WinNT, or stay with Win95. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Sat, 23 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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