Micro-Focus record locking 
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 Micro-Focus record locking

Hello all!

I have a question regarding Micro-Focus record locking.  Does anyone know
how it is actually implemented?

I am trying to access MF Cobol ISAM files that reside on a Unix server from
a PC, with full record locking capabilities from both sides (so that if a
Unix user locks a record, the PC user knows it and vice versa).

I've had very little luck with fileshare, so I'm attempting to access the
files by mapping my Unix data files to a PC drive letter (via Samba, if
anyone cares :-) ).  For you Samba users out there, I've tried turning on
"locking = yes (the default)" and "strict locking = yes" -- neither worked.

My fileshare problems may be due to the fact that the PC is running Cobol
Workbench V4.0.16 and the Unix machine is running Cobol for Unix V3.2.  

Anyone got any ideas?


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Mon, 01 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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