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 newbie--micro-focus personal compiler


> Hi group,
> I am a comp-sci student getting (suffering) my first class in cobol.  I am
> running micro-focus personal compiler (animator 2) on an ibm laptop.  The os
> is win2k pro.

> I have tried to use the "after advancing page" clause in my program, but the
> compiler returns and error of: "Unrecognized verb".  Can anyone explain why
> this doesn't work?

This is what I find in your program:

    IF LINE-COUNT > 50

The "After advancing" clause is only valid for the "Write" verb.  It
is not valid for the the "Perform" verb.

Generally, you would use the "after advancing" clause on Write
statements for your report file.  The first line on a new page would
be generated by a "Write (record-name) after advancing page"
statement.  All other lines would be written after advancing 1, 2, or
3 lines, depending on the desired vertical spacing.

Your report lines defined in working-storage always have a final
80-byte filler field, but the FD for your output file specifies
80-byte records.  Your print lines are too long for the output record,
so they are being truncated.



Sat, 13 Sep 2003 14:07:52 GMT  
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