Problems migrating Btrieve 4.04 apps to Cobol/Btrieve 6.15 apps 
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 Problems migrating Btrieve 4.04 apps to Cobol/Btrieve 6.15 apps

At this moment we are using inhouse written applications, Cobol/Btrieve. We are using
Btrieve 4.04 at this moment and want to migrate to 6.15, cause there is no longer a
support group for 4.04

To let Cobol work correctly with Btrieve, every program is linked with COBXBTRV.OBJ.
This object takes care of the correct record call/handling.

All variables are being declared in the comp-0 format. Also in every program the statement
"CALL-CONVENTION 3 is BT" is used. The Btrieve calls are being declared as: call BT
"__BTRV" using ...

The "CALL-CONVENTION 3 is BT" was nessecary years ago, migrating to a new compiler,
Microsoft 4.1. In this period also the COBXBTRV.OBJ is slightly modified.

In the new version of Btrieve, the variables are being declared with COMP-5. Also in the
new version a new COBXBTRV.OBJ is being delivered.
At this moment we are investigating the needs, urge and migration problems according to
Btrieve 4.04, 6.15 in combination with MS-Cobol 4.1

3 major questions we are dealing with are described below.

1) - In wich way is it nessecary to use the new COBXBTRV.OBJ-file accompanied with the
new version of Btrieve ? If yes, what are the differences between the old and the new
OBJ-file. (We have tested with the old version in combination with the new Btrieve and
are expiriencing no problems with it, and the Btrieve 6.15 commands are working)

2) - If we decide to migrate to the new OBJ-file, do we need to recompile and re-link all of
our inhouse programs ? Do we take a risk if we don't ? (We are using also the files with
Btrieve-commands as also files with record layouts in the compiling and linking process.
Also the Btrieve-call it self is changed. There are a lot of inhouse written applications, and
therefor it is almost impossible to migrate them all at one time. Does Btrieve react in  the
one or other similiar way that it is called differently ?)

3) - If we decide to use the new OBJ-file instead of the old one, and we don't want to call
all of the copy files of Btrieve the same time, is it possible, to use a call-convention wich
we already know according to the old situation ?

Maybe there is no answer to all of the questions above, but we do appreciate it if you can
solve a part of it.

Sun, 30 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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