Ada 95 is a FREE language (was: C is 'better' than Ada because...) 
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 Ada 95 is a FREE language (was: C is 'better' than Ada because...)

Craig> Well I'm not an Ada expert, but I have "Ada as a Second
Craig> Language" by Norman Cohen and "Ada Programmer Handbook" by Dean
Craig> Gonzalez.  On the cover a little R with a circle around it
Craig> appears by the word Ada. In the book by Norman Cohen it states
Craig> (page 8) that the name "Ada" is a trade mark of the DOD and
Craig> it's usage is "strictly enforced". I take that to mean that if
Craig> it doesn't conform it *can not* be called an Ada compiler. It
Craig> states you can work towards conformity and use the name, but
Craig> thats an exeption.

Craig> If I were to bid on a contract, tell the DOD I'm developing in
Craig> Ada and submit C++, I think they would call that "fraud".

Craig> I think part of the resistance to Ada is C belongs to the
Craig> world.  Ada belongs to the government! :-)

Craig> If this has changed, please enlighten me!

   1. You're talking about 83 (13 years old now).
   2. Ada is now Ada 95 (buy new editions of your books).
   3. The US government no longer owns the name Ada, there's no need
      to put an (R).
   4. The ANSI/ISO/X standards for both Ada 83 and Ada 95 are free and
      freely available in various electronic formats. (This is an
      exception in the standard world.)
   5. There is a GNU compiler for Ada 95, source copyrights assigned
      to the Free Software Fundation.
   6. Megabytes of free Ada source code are available in various
   7. Free Ada tutorials and books (eg: Ada Quality & Style) are

   To summarize, for $0 (or for the price of a CD-ROM), you have
everything you need to write Ada 95 programs (even distributed
programs) on plenty of platforms, and sources to hack your compiler
(or your Ada library).

   Welcome in the 1996 real world, Craig (and you've now everything
you need to become an official Ada expert ;-).


   "Use the Source, Luke. The Source will be with you, always (GPL)."

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