Future (nothing immediate) CICS TS and older languages 
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 Future (nothing immediate) CICS TS and older languages

From the Seach390 "developer's forum" - Tom Ross wrote (in part),

"here is what is coming:

Translator support for the earlier (pre-Language Environment) compilers
OS/VS COBOL (5740-CB1, 5740-LM1, and 5734-CB4), VS COBOL II (5668-958, also
5688-023), OS PL/I Version 1 (5734-PL1), OS PL/I Version 2 (5668-910 also
5668-909), and SAA AD/Cycle C/370 (5688-216) is withdrawn in CICS TS 2.2. It
is planned that run-time support for OS/VS COBOL programs (regardless of
run-time library used) and for any other programs running under pre-Language
Environment run-time libraries will be withdrawn in the next release.

This means that no matter what run-time library you use, when you move to
the CICS TS release that comes after 2.2 no OS/VS COBOL programs will run,
PERIOD! CICS has special code to mimic reentrancy in OS/VS COBOL programs,
and they are taking it out. Time to get rid of those last few OS/VS COBOL
modules, and compile with a compiler written AFTER 1980! You can recover
lost source using a vendor, Essential Systems Technical Consulting:

(Source Recovery Inc can no longer do that)"

Bill Klein
 wmklein <at> ix.netcom.com

Tue, 24 Feb 2004 06:17:02 GMT  
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