Only one real Y2K issue left 
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 Only one real Y2K issue left


>  My bail provision is 3 weeks notice, their bail provision is a kick
>in the nads and a hearty laugh.  

OOoooooo... I don't abide that crap.  Sauce for the goose is sauce for the
gander; when it comes time to ink the pact and I find an offensive clause
such as that I refuse to sign until mutuality is established... since we
usually don't get down to signing paperwork until the client says 'can he
start tomorrow' the pimps are usually accomodating.

If you find that such a restrictive covenant is preventing you from taking
a new contract I would suggest that first you try to reason with them...
'Look, I've made money for you here, sure, but there's another gig that'll
earn me US$n/hr more... why don't we all just be satisfied with what we
have and call it a day?'

This, of course, will elicit hearty guffaws from your pimp... in which
case one then informs said {*filter*}that unless you get a release from
contractual obligations for notice of termination, faxed to you now, on
their company letterhead with all appropriate signatures thereunto affixed
(gotta love this language!) that you will, at your first opportunity, go
into the office of the person who signs the timesheets of the person who
signs your timesheets and begin to speak your mind in all its four-letter

Y'see, when it is time to end it is time to end... best to end everything
with a smile, of course, as these are small circles; if you cannot end it
with a smile then your {*filter*}should realise that due to *your* sudden burst
of Anglo-Saxon embellished honesty that *s/he* will *never* place another
body in that particular shop *again*.  In the words of Anthony Burgess,
author of A Clockwork Orange...

... so what's it going to be, then, eh?


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Sat, 03 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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