MVS COBOL conversion to ASCII 
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 MVS COBOL conversion to ASCII

Which 8 bit ISO code (international superset of 7 bit ASCII) code page to
which EBCDIC code page.  Since there are over 256 combinations of western
alphabet letters, numbers and special characters such as currency symbols
there are varying sets of 256 symbols and rarely are there matching
EBCDIC and ISO sets.  That is why ISO 10646 and the Unicode 2 byte
character subset of ISO 10646 were invented).

 ** Reply to note from RandallBart

> > >As often as this question is asked, I sure hope the next COBOL
> > >standard includes FUNCTION ASCII / FUNCTION EBCDIC  .

> First of all the Cobol standard should recognize EBCDIC.  If all you
> need is an independent standard, IBM can round up a couple other vendors
> to have a meeting and proclaim a standard.

Clark F. Morris, Jr.
CFM Technical Programming Services

Mon, 25 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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