ABSOLUTELY last chance to comment on next COBOL ANSI/ISO Standard 
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 ABSOLUTELY last chance to comment on next COBOL ANSI/ISO Standard

The FDIS (Final Draft International Standard) document is available for
down-load if you check out the link (to a zipped copy) from:



The following is the information sent to the J4 TAG concerning the
"processing" of this document (within the US - other countries may process
it differently).

  A) the VERY short public review time
  B) the only two "acceptable" US positions "yes" or "no"


  Date:July 15,  2002
 Reply to:Deborah J. Donovan


Subject:Advance Notification of ISO/IEC FDIS 1989, Information technology -
Programming Languages - COBOL

The JTC 1 TAG Administrator received the subject FDIS on July 16, 2002. It
is distributed for ISO/IEC JTC 1 final letter ballot. The JTC 1 TAG requires
a recommendation from the U.S. TAG.

The Public Review and Comment period of ISO/IEC FDIS 1989 begins July 26,
2002 and ends August 9, 2002.

This Draft International Standard is being processed simultaneously as a
Draft International Standard and as an American National Standard.

However, as noted in section of the "JTC 1 TAG/TD-1, Organization
and Procedures", updated September 12, 2001,

 "When the JTC 1 TAG Administrator receives an FDIS ballot, the
administrator contacts the appropriate TAG Administrator to get an update on
the TAG position on the final CD ballot. If the TAG Administrator determines
that no substantial differences exist between the final CD and the DIS , the
recommended JTC 1 TAG position on the final DIS ballot shall be the same as
the TAG position on the final CD ballot. The JTC 1 TAG Administrator will
then ballot the DIS."

ACTION #1 - Recommendation for JTC 1 TAG

The FDIS ballot began July 4, 2002 and ends September 4, 2002 (2-months
only). The committee should confirm that its position on the FDIS is the
same as it was for the FCD, or alternately, submit a proposed U.S. National
Body position.
The committee should conduct a 30-day letter ballot or roll call vote if
comments were accommodated at the FCD ballot resolution meeting, in
preparation for the FDIS ballot. The two-third voting approval is required.

The last position forwarded by INCITS/J4 for the FCD vote was to approve
with comments.

The position options are: approval of the technical content as presented or
disapprove for the technical reasons to be stated. Technical and editorial
comments will not be considered, as noted in section 9.7 of the 4th Edition
of the JTC 1 Directives.

The notification should be received no later than July 30, 2002 so that, if
necessary, a 10-day reconsideration ballot may be conducted and the U.S.
vote forwarded to ANSI by the JTC 1 closing date of Septmber 4, 2002.

ACTION #2 - Notification to INCITS

The committee should notify the INCITS Secretariat if this standard is
unsuitable for adoption as an American National Standard. A vote of majority
approval accompanied by comments specifying the reasons for non-adoption is
required. The initiation for adoption will begin at the FDAM stage. The
recommendation for non-adoption should be sent simultaneously with the
recommendation for the JTC 1 TAG. INCITS will adopt the ISO/IEC Standard
unless notified, see INCITS Adoption Policy."

Bill Klein
 wmklein <at> ix.netcom.com

Mon, 03 Jan 2005 02:38:24 GMT  
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