MF Cobol 4.0 EXE file size 
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 MF Cobol 4.0 EXE file size


I have a program that uses some of the MF Cobol byte_stream_file
subroutines and nothing else. When I compile and link the program under
MF 3.2 using lcobol+os2286, it produces an .EXE file of about 35K. When
I compile and link under MF 4.0, using CBLLINK with the -T option the
resulting .EXE file is 355K; 300K bytes larger.  I believe the
difference is due to large Working-Storage areas being included in the
EXE file under 4.0 and being dynamically acquired at run time in the MF
3.2 version since Working-Storage is about 300K.  I have looked
everywhere and cannot find what controls this. Can anyone give me some
help? I'd like to get a 35k (or so) EXE file back again.


Wed, 09 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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