Link mod unable to find library... 
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 Link mod unable to find library...

I just purchase tycobol in 24 hours.
I created a cobol program that makes use of the cgisetup, cgiread and
cgiwritr  prog's. I got a clean compile and attempted to link and
received an error that said "3 unresolved externals". I read further
on down through the cgi guide and noticed it said I have to link the
file cgiwin32.obj.  I thought to myself, this must be where the three
externals reside. I took the cgiwin32.obj file and moved it into the
folder where my program resided (for convenience mostly) and attempted
to link. It seemed to correct the unresolved externals error, but I
get the following error.

cannot open file oldnames.lib.

I looked for a file named oldnames.lib on my PC and I am unable to
locate it. I'm guessing that the cgiwin32.obj file makes use of this
lib, however I don't know where it is and I'm stuck.  Any suggestions?


Tue, 20 Apr 2004 22:50:49 GMT  
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