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 About character "=="


>The character == developed under SCREENS utility of MF COBOL undr DOS
>returns some junk values on the Video when compiled and executed under SCO
>UNIX. I want to know what is the cause behind the same and how it can be
>rectified ?

I don't know what you mean by the character "==" but the reason a character on
a DOS machine doesn't show under UNIX is usually because of the terminal type
or code page of the DOS machine. Not knowing either I can only guess that they
don't match.

If your DOS is American, it'll have codepage 437. Europe is 850. Certain
characters are different. Under UNIX, you have ANSI, VT100, ISO8859 etc. I
can't tell from your domain so I'd guess you need to set codepage 437 on DOS
and TERM=ANSI under SCO. Their may even be a TERM=IBM PC under SCO.


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