COBOL 98? 
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 COBOL 98?

has anyone heard about a new version of COBOL to replace COBOL 85?  If so
what are the improvements..etc..?

Sun, 23 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 COBOL 98?


>has anyone heard about a new version of COBOL to replace COBOL 85?  If so
>what are the improvements..etc..?

Here's what I answered to almost the same question in this newsgroup last


>Hi there, I;m Nicholas Chan
>from APIIT of Malaysia, i would like to know if there are any word or
>news on COBOL 9X, its current updates and news and some of its features

>Nicholas Chan

!) first "9x" has become "0x".  After the last public review, it turns out
that there will need to be at least one more public review before it gets

2) Major features/enhancements:

OO gets all the press

Common exception handling, C-ification (pointers, call  prototypes,
typedefs, and everything else needed to use C-type APIs), user-defined
functions, file-sharing/record-locking, 31-digit numbers, portable
arithmetic, National character handling (MOCS or DBCS but more so), are all
some of the "biggies" that some people are looking for.

In the category of "old technology" getting a new face lift and being added
to the Standard (as required) see Report Writer enhancements, VALIDATE
feature, and character screen I/O support via ACCEPT/DISPLAY.

Little things (and there are too many for me to remember off the top of my
head) include everything from dynamic file assignment (in the SELECT/ASSIGN
statement), assigning multiple values via the VALUE statement in tables,
sorting tables, hex literals, GOBACK verb, apostrophe as quote, bits and
boolean suport,

                                                   and LOTS more

If you have a big disk and want to see the current draft, you can look at

Any of the other Standards pope want to add some features to this list.  I
did this from memory - for anyone who is looking at a copy of the draft, you
can get a full list from looking at the "Substantive Change" annex.

Sun, 23 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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