REXX calling MF Cobol DLLs problem 
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 REXX calling MF Cobol DLLs problem

Hello from Melbourne Australia,

We are having trouble calling Microfocus Cobol 3.2 DLLs
from REXX under OS/2. There are two major related

(1) -- Unless the Cobol DLLs are statically linked with
LCOBOL (instead of the dynamic COBLIB), we get SYS3175
errors as soon as REXX calls our DLLs. The Cobol procedure
division is never reached, the error occurs very early.

(2) -- If a REXX program directly or indirectly calls a
Cobol DLL that uses any of the function routines stored
in COBINTFN (date routines etc), then a SYS3175 error will

We can get around the problem by statically linking the
appropriate DLLs with LCOBOL and avoiding call to COBINTFN
routines, but it's rather tedious identifying all of these
modules and having separate link steps for them.

Rather than go into details at the moment, I'm fishing first
to see if anyone can help out with this problem, then I can
supply any extra information you need.

Greg Keogh

Mon, 21 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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