M/F Cobol ISAM performance - .EXE vs Animator 
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 M/F Cobol ISAM performance - .EXE vs Animator

When performing updates to an indexed file (READS, then REWRITES) with
a compiled (.EXE) program, the hard disk shakes and rattles with
tremendous I/O (not to mention taking forever). If I zoom the same
program through the animator, all is silent and the updates complete
in a reasonable time. I'm only creating a single keyed file with about
5,000 records.

This phenomenon does not occur when creating the indexed file (open
output), nor when reading the same file sequentially. Only when
opening I-O with reads and writes does it happen. I've tried looking
for compiler directives or other statements to increase memory
buffers, but have not located any.

I'd really appreciate it if anybody could explain why this happens and
what the solution might be.

John Shrall

Sun, 17 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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