Job openings St. Paul, MN - COBOL/CICS 
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 Job openings St. Paul, MN - COBOL/CICS

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[ Posted on 16 Dec 1994 22:14:09 GMT ]

My employer is currently looking for 15 experienced COBOL professionals
for various levels (code, analyst, etc.).  Environment is MVS/ESA
3090 CICS/ESA COBOL II.  We use PC based development workstations
under Microfocus Workbench.  Experience in medical accounting,
insurance, claims processing, medicaid or medicare would be especially

The company does require a four-year degree as a minimum
requirement.  Benefits include HMO, dental, retirement plan, etc.

head-hunter, or any of that garbage.  I just want us to get some good
people into this project (yes, you C people can go ahead and knock me
for calling COBOL programmers 'good people' if you like).

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