Problem with RM/COBOL, RM+DB & telnet 
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 Problem with RM/COBOL, RM+DB & telnet


we have a problem with RM/COBOL and RM+DB on UNIX, when working over
When the telnet session crashes, the RM/COBOL runtime does not
terminate and and consumes all available cpu-time. It appears that the
runtime is reading from a closed stdin stream forever. This is
burdensome, but we can deal with this behaviour.
On the other side, with RM+DB we are in real trouble. Killing such a
looping runtime does not release the locks it holds. So it seems the
only remedy is to shut down and restart the computer (or at least the
rm+db server) when a RM+DB runtime starts looping in the background.
Has anyone experienced the same problem ?
Does any workaround exist ? Did we anything wrong with our
installation ?
Any help kindly  appreciated !

Many thanks !

Mon, 17 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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