VisualAge for COBOL and JAVA 
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 VisualAge for COBOL and JAVA

I'm using the VisualAge for COBOL version 2.2 in Windows95. Is there an
"easy" way to couple a Java program to COBOL, such as

* Write AND link a COBOL DLL so that it acts as a Native Interface for a
JAVA applet ?
   I was able to do it with JDK1.1 and the shareware Java Coroutine Class
Library for            Win32 which is different from the Java Native
Interface (JNI).
A 1996 IBM COBOL Newsletter explained the procedure for AIX and promised an
analogous example for Windows later, but I've never seen it...?

* Use IBM's CORBA (DSOM) to generate to IDL and SOM-repository and then
integrate with JAVA-IDL interface in JDK1.2 ? It is not clear how the
JDK1.2 ORB works together with DSOM.

By the way, I refuse to accept that the answer would be VisualAge for C++
as an intermediate...

Any examples or suggestions are warmly welcomed !

Guido Dedene

P.S. I know some other products have native Java translation, which is
another circumvent...

Sun, 18 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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