Experienced cobol developers seek short/medium/long term contracts 
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 Experienced cobol developers seek short/medium/long term contracts

We are interested in short/medium/long term contracts involving Mainframe
systems that require conversion due to date processing implications caused by
the forthcoming new millennium.

We have, since the early seventies, accrued extensive development skills in the
following mainframe program products :-

          Basic Assember Language(BAL) and associated 'macro' generation.

          Cobol, PL1, CICS and DB2.

          Dialog Manager, TSO Clists, and ISPF facilities.

          TOS, BOS, DOS, and MVS/XA Operating Systems.

Working within both the development and maintenance/support areas we are
well versed with amending/enhancing software produced not only within the
disciplined 'structured programming' environments, but also highly skilled in
regard to amending/stabilising unstructured monolithic code produced by
businesses and departments prior to the 'Structured Development' revolution.

Additionally, we also possess the in-depth knowledge and technical expertise
required to design/develope/implement all aspects of Mainframe system
conversions along with related support Utilities and secure Change Management

Mettler-Mawdesley Associates.

Sat, 07 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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