AS/400 Cobol trying to call an ILE Cobol function in a service progam - Please help 
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 AS/400 Cobol trying to call an ILE Cobol function in a service progam - Please help


Hopefully some one can help me, I have written two Cobol programs, one
is a function, which I made into a Service program, and the second I
made a program.

I created modules for both programs, the function I then used the
CRTSRVPGM, and the main program I used CRTPGM, and entered the Service
program in as a bound service program.  When I run the main program, it
runs fine until it calls the function.

I have tried CALL pgm, CALL LINKAGE TYPE IS PROGRAM pgm, but I keep
getting an error telling me that my main program can't find or resolve
to the function.

Can someone please help me, should I be using something other than
CALL? or is there a special version of the call command?

I have also tried creating a single program, binding in both modules
but still got the same error.

The same question would apply to a CL program, is there a special way
of calling ILE functions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Knocklyon, Dublin 16
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John Part

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Sun, 18 May 2003 09:55:24 GMT  
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