QUESTIONS/POSTS about AcuCOBOL, RM/COBOL, Mbp, or whichever COBOL 
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 QUESTIONS/POSTS about AcuCOBOL, RM/COBOL, Mbp, or whichever COBOL

Just a reminder, (given a comment in a recent thread in comp.lang.cobol)

If you have a question that you think is specific to a particular COBOL
compiler or its "support" products/environments, PLEASE, please, feel free
to put it out in this NG.

In general (regardless of compiler), it may help if you place the name of
the compiler in the subject line *and* in the body of your question.  It
also, usually helps to mention the environment (operating system) and the
release or version of the compiler.

If you are interested in JUST reading notes about "AcuCOBOL" for example,
most NG readers have a "filter" method whereby you can just "see" those
notes with this word in the subject.

The NG *OBVIOUSLY* also welcomes questions that are aimed at "COBOL in
general" (i.e., not specific to any one compiler or environment).  On the
other hand, we do (occasionally) read notes where someone THINKS they are
asking a general question, but it really is specific to one vendor or
environment - so it never hurts to mention your environment in your

P.S. Some readers of the NG don't like questions about "environmental"
issues such as JCL, CICS, ISPF (IBM mainframes), Windows APIs, ORBs, UNIX
environment-variables, etc - but those people have gotten used to using the
"delete key." So GENERALLY if your question is targeted at COBOL or the
COBOL environment (whatever that means to you), you will find someone who is
interested in it.

P.P.S.  My guess is that questions about IBM, Micro Focus, Fujitsu, and
AcuCOBOL COBOLs tend to get the "quickest" answers - but almost every
compiler (that I know) is represented by the NG "regulars".

Bill Klein
    wmklein <at> ix dot netcom dot com

Sun, 03 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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