struggling with ibm s/36 
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 struggling with ibm s/36

We are developing programs using Vb 4.0 running on NT server 4.We don't
know how  to  get  VB application  running on NT server connected  to
IBM S/36  mainframe.The IBM S/36  applications  are developed in  
COBOL.We are involved  in the  conversion  of  the  mainframe COBOL
datas to Access database format.We  have emulators  like TN5250  to
capture the datas from the Mainframe.Actually to capture the datas we
require an operator but  our  intention   is  to automatically capture
the  datas  and write  it in the   NT server's harddisk.How  to  do
this  using  VB ?
Please advice us in solving  this problem.Write  to  us at

Mon, 07 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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