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 Micro Focus Conference impressions

Having gotten back from the Philadelphia conference on Friday, I had
several impressions:

1. Not having a wonderful city like San Francisco in the background
really helped me to concentrate on the conference notes. Good idea.

2. Actually, and not sarcastically, the food at the conference was way
better than what was passed off as food in San Francisco. Hats off to the
Marriot, I guess that's what you get for $153/night accommodations.

3. I spoke to several other people who agree with me on this point: we
need more "advanced topics" sessions for people who are longterm Micro
Focus users and who don't need all the newby stuff. I would like you to
restructure the whole Solution Center concept so that the Newbury
programmers are available for longer times, or give more classes on
advanced topics. Say, programming with Panels V2, or CCI, or APPC
programming under Micro Focus, or more/more/more on mixed language
programming. I get tired of all the "advanced (not) introduction to
workbench" and "Gee whiz sales demo of latest Micro focus add-on". I
admit that the "advanced users" are in the minority but I don't think you
want to lose us as participants at the conferences.

I am seriously wondering why, other than Disneyworld, should I appear at
the next conference? Give me a reason to come.

Please give us more opportunities to meet with the Newbury developers.
Meeting them, and the Philadelphia and Palo Alto tech support staffs, is
the single most important reason for me to go to these things.

Maybe give those of us coming to the conference for the second or more
times some special social event to recognize our experience with the product.

4. Loved the email system. Next time give it an inet gateway! Also, set
up some Web clients to let conference participants use and browse the
micro focus home page.
Jeffrey Benner          President, Midwest Area Micro Focus Users Group

Fri, 07 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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