IBM Mainframe COBOL - getting JOBNAME, STEPNAME, TCB, PROGRAM-NAME, Job Number, etc 
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 IBM Mainframe COBOL - getting JOBNAME, STEPNAME, TCB, PROGRAM-NAME, Job Number, etc

This question comes up medium often, of HOW to get at the various "bits and
pieces" of information in the MVS (OS/390) control blocks - in VS COBOL II
or later versions of IBM mainframe COBOL.

Gilbert Saint-flour has kindly provided sample code to do this - in the NG -
on several occasions.  However, he has now put it out on his web-page.  I
plan to add a reference to this in the FAQ (in the near future) - but also
figured it would be "nice" if this could be found in Deja.COM - sooner
rather than later.  Therefore,  please see


for the appropriate sample source code.

Bill Klein
    wmklein <at> ix dot netcom dot com

Sat, 26 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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