Seeking short or long term contract position(s) 
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 Seeking short or long term contract position(s)

I find myself available for either a short or long term contracting
position. My expertise includes MicroFocus NetExpress, OS/2 PM...Overall
experience summary follows:

  a.. 12 years of native API applications development using MicroFocus Cobol
(NetExpress) in PC MS Windows 3.1,95,98,NT,2000,XP and IBM OS/2 PM graphical
  b.. 29 years of computer programming experience with Cobol and Assembly
  c.. 16 years of Banking Information Systems experience in Applications
Development,  Technical Services, and Computer Operations
  d.. 15 years of CICS applications analysis, development , and
  e.. 12 years of real time television broadcasting industry software
  f.. Operating systems environments include DOS,  MVS,  VM, PC/DOS, and
I'd ideally like to find a position to continue in Windows API software

Any leads or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

newnan, ga USA

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Sat, 08 Oct 2005 01:45:03 GMT  
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