FujistsuCobol- Sample1 program execution trouble 
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 FujistsuCobol- Sample1 program execution trouble

hai guys:

        After fixing the "remind" message, I was e{*filter*}d to run some cobol

        After reading the cobol user guide, I tried to run the sample1
program using the P-staff in my win95 set up.

        Compiling and Linking went on fine, but when running the program using
"winexec" utility in the p-staff, it kicks me out of win 95 and freezes
the screen.
The error message:
1. A fatal exception OE has occurred at 013F:BFF9A07C. The current
application will be terminated

After this screen,

Winexec caused a General Protection fault in module KRNL386.exe at


Of course, Why is it? and what is the fix? Do any of you have same
problem with win95?
When checking the *.def file, it says the "type is win 3.0", does it
have anything to do with this?

We learn as we go!!!

Thanks for all your help!

Tue, 25 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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