Variable vs. fixed-length records performance 
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 Variable vs. fixed-length records performance


> Don't have any solid facts on performance re: var vs. fixed (a thread
> started here a few days ago).

[snip -- some suggestions for reducing clock time of the processing

I can't say much about fixed-vs-variable either, but I have one
further suggestion: look into Batch Pipes.

This is an IBM facility comparable to pipes in UNIX.  The idea is
that, if the output of program A immediately becomes the input
for program B, Batch Pipes can buffer the records in memory, so that
you don't spend IO on a big temporary file.

I've never used it myself, and I don't know where the gotchas are,
but it's worth a look.


Sat, 22 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 Variable vs. fixed-length records performance


> Anyway, what I did was to select a field and use an external SORT job > to split the humongo input file into several smaller ones (I think the
> command was OUTFILE, but memory is dim). For example, separate files
> were created for Cities beginning with 'A' thru 'F', 'G thru 'L', etc.
> Then I created one jobstream for each newly-segregated file (same
> programs, different jobnames and filenames).
> Finally, a SORT job stuffed all the end-result files back together.

The control statement name is OUTFIL.  For more information about
DFSORT's OUTFIL features (multiple output, OUTREC, editting masks,
CONVERT, etc), visit the DFSORT home page at URL:

SPLIT, INCLUDE/OMIT/SAVE and STARTREC/ENDREC can all be used to split
larger files into smaller files.  The "In the Spotlight" archives
contains a Smart DFSORT Trick that shows how to use these OUTFIL
operands to split a file.

For COBOL jobs, you can supply OUTFIL and other control statements in
the DFSPARM data set, e.g.

  OUTFIL ...

Frank L. Yaeger - DFSORT Team (Specialties: ICETOOL, OUTFIL, Y2K :-)

Mon, 24 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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