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 OT: VSAM DASD Space Allocation


[NOTE: A form of this message appears in the VSAM forum at the MVS help web
site; apologies if you've had to endure it twice].

About eight months ago, I asked at www.mvshelp.com if anyone could suggest a
'VSAM for Dummies'- type tool to enable a calculation of the space
allocations which should be used during an IDCAMS DEFINE of a VSAM dataset.
Several people got me started in the right direction.

I have now developed a piece of software to do this; my intent is to give
this away, hoping the advertising and self-promotional value is something
greater than zero.


I would really appreciate the chance to get two groups of "real users" to
take a look at this before I make it broadly available.

First, I'd like two or three "VSAM naifs" who would be real users: people
who really do not have any good idea of how to at least do a preliminary
sizing of VSAM files. From these people I want "real end-user comments" -
what is not clear, what I should add, subtract, etc.  COBOL programmers new
to the mainframe environment - where you need "pre-create" all  ACCESS IS
RANDOM/DYNAMIC (indexed or relative) files - are actually my primary target.

Second, I would like some true "VSAM experts" to review the documentation
and suggest changes, improvements or corrections. I *know* I have made some
assumptions on the math which I am sure can be improved upon.

The software is a single 53K Windows 32-bit (NT/9x/2K) executable. It does
not require any support DLLs, does not read or write to the system registry
or do any other annoying stuff. To run it, you click on the EXE file twice
in Windows Explorer. To un-install, you delete the file.

When you click the "Doc" pushbutton, it extracts the doc file to a text file
in the same directory where the executable is and launches NOTEPAD to view
it. (All the math details are in the documentation).

What's in it for those who help? Only this: I will put your name in the
documentation as part of the "Thanks To" section.

If you'd like to help, just send an e-mail request to

to the email as an EXE or I can ZIP it if you need to get it past a firewall
or just feel better about it that way.

Michael Mattias
Racine WI

PS: Please let me know which group you are in: 'tyro' or 'wizard;' and if
you want EXE or ZIP delivery.

Tue, 11 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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