Y2K Project Manager & Outsourcing 
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 Y2K Project Manager & Outsourcing

We need a Project Manager to oversee an estimated 12 month project in
the greater Boston area for a Fortune 500 company, estimated to start
in February [19]97.

The project involves the following:

Approx 14MM lines of code

The DEC COBOL project is estimated to be 2MM lines of code.

We may also be looking for DEC and IBM COBOL Consulting Firms with
in-house Data Centers for outsourcing parts of this project - whether
you are in India, Ireland, Malaysia does not matter.  Please respond.

We are estimating that the project will require a 6-person team for a
period of one year.

Raj Sundra
ITCS (Info Technology Consulting Services)

P.S.  We have DEC VAX/VMS facilities for testing and development, US
and overseas.

Mon, 14 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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