MF Visual Object COBOL - Love it, hate it, love it 
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 MF Visual Object COBOL - Love it, hate it, love it

  Just finished my first week of working with the new product:
(read: this is based on limited experience, will report more later).
  The pieces appear to all be there, and the user interface is
the best and easiest I've ever seen in a sophisticated compiler.
Pretty fast, too. So far so good.
  The problem is that they've elected to not make hard-copy
documentation available, and the online help is something less
than perfect. I feel like somebody gave me a perfect woman in
a padlocked wire cage, and no key to the padlock!  :-(
  Even the option to print the manual myself (using Help) is not
very viable. Ran across a half-dozen places where pushing a
button in Help gets you an error message which says that the
corresponding help file is missing (no way to tell if they never
wrote it, or it's just missing from the CD). Ran across a couple
of other places where clicking on "print" gets you a GPF and
kicks you straight out of Windows (not that easy to do w/ W95).
  Now I know what it must feel like to drive a jet plane with an
opaque windshield and no instruments! IFR isn't that comfortable
when you're on the ground.
  MF is pointed in the right direction, but NOT quite there yet!

Sat, 12 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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