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                          PL/1 - COBOL Conversion

   If you happen to be a mainframe user with PL/1 code or a consultant who is
interacting with such an user, here is an interesting proposition for you.  A  
friend of mine in India has developed an automated tool for PL/1 - COBOL
conversion which can generate more code in a given period when compared to
manual conversion.  Keeping the IBM - DC/CICS(screen operations) and
IMS - DB/DB2 isolated and untouched, the entire PL/1 source code can be
converted to any mainframe COBOL of user-specific standards.
   The entire work will be done with the help of his team in Bangalore, India
and will be delivered to the client.  At present, he can consider 25000-30000
lines of PL/1 code/month but is very positive that it will increase in
geometric proportion.
   Though COBOL does not allow bit manipulation(PL/1 does), templates have
been created that will take care of this but some amount of execution speed
will be dropped.
   Till he arrives at a target service code standard(for COBOL), there will
be a slag in the translation phase(unless the user supplies his standards).
But once standards are set, it will be a simple line-to-line conversion.
   Any user interested in getting to know more about this can contact me at
the E-mail address given below:


Sat, 07 Jun 1997 08:17:41 GMT  
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