Job for MF COBOL/NETBIOS in Orange County,socal 
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 Job for MF COBOL/NETBIOS in Orange County,socal

Mini-Systems Associates needs a NETBIOS programmer. We have customer
records being
transferred in a real time mode over land lines. This NETBIOS program must
be called by a
Microfocus COBOL can be written in C, but must be called by
the COBOL program.
Can you do this? Long term contract...with possiblity to go direct. Please
contact Lance or Greg
at 619-675-7888 and fax resume to 619-675-7899.
Lance C. Rowan
Vice-President/Regional Manager
Mini-Systems Associates
15373 Innovation Drive   Suite 301 San Diego CA 92128
"Expert Programmers & Engineers Shaping the Information Age"
619-675-7888  or fax 619-675-7899

Sat, 21 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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